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Business Facilities

Corporate Facilities

·         Corporate formation (onshore, and offshore in major Jurisdictions)

·         Trust Formation (offshore)

·         Trustee Services

·         Nominee Services



Banking Facilities

·         Online banking

·         Online foreign exchange [forex]

·         Online stock trading

·         Anonymous IBC [International Business company] & trust accounts

·         Fund deposit accounts

·         Fixed term deposits

·         Managed deposits

·         Private support services for account holders



entrepreneurial Facilities

·         Business Plan and Executive Summary evolving

·         Access to network of renewed experts for the assessment of Business Ideas

·        Evaluation of a Start-up Company by a commitee of senior entrepreneurs

·         Facilitating obtention of Venture Capital and Seed Funds

·         Conventions and Agreements writing



Administration Facilities

·         Auditing and Accounting

·         Financial reports (annual or periodical)

·         Value Added Tax Registration

·         Country reports

·         Multiple languages offered

·         Translation Services

·         Credit cards statements


Representative Facilities

·         Anonymous money transfer

·         Insured Cash drop off and pick up services

·         Swiss Real Estate (buy/sell)

·         Property Services (renting, accountancy, management, maintenance, etc.)

·         International Trade Finance

·         Import-Export assistance or representation



Office Facilities

·         Secretarial Services

·         Courier Services on your behalf

·         Secure e-mail service

·         Telephone answering and sent to e-mail

·         Fax to e-mail – e-mail to fax Services

·         Mail drop forwarding

·         Secure document upload and download (encrypted)

·         Anonymous web surfing researches

·         Internet Domain registration

·         Domain Hosting Facilitation

·         Hotel booking

·         Airline booking





 Your requirements…

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