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Our Mission

Mission Statement

FINANTRADEX services are aimed at optimizing its clients' asset structure. Our professional services include company formation and administration, accounting, administration of assets as well as advisory services for business, tax and legal matters rendered in cooperation with professionals in the respective fields.

We have our headquarter in Geneva, the center of banking excellence and the birthplace of private banking in Switzerland. Our clients may benefit from our extensive network of financial institutions and advisors.

Finally, we are fully committed to safeguarding our clients confidentiality and to abiding by applicable ethical duties.

We know that our clients' trust is our most valuable asset. It enables us to set the highest standards of care, commitment and professionalism in working on their behalf. Our day-to-day actions are driven by shared values and our constant aim is to create sustainable added value through high-quality innovative services.

Therefore, we aim to run a mutually beneficial business for us and our clients.

Professional Values

 We understand the importance of providing professional services based on clear values. Therefore

Our clients' trust is our most valued asset. That's why we protect it. After all, to respect and to protect privacy is something of a Swiss national virtue.

We act upon clear ethical principles and account for all our business activities.

We create value for our clients by empowering ourselves to act in an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

We have no ties to any banks, law firms or any other firms FINANTRADEX is collaborating with and we are free to pursue our clients' best interests.

Continuity in all our relationships is important to us. Our commitment to you is for the long term.

Network of Professionals

In cooperation with external professionals, we are dedicated to meet our clients' business requirements.

FINANTRADEX  network of professionals include renowned private banks, independent asset & portfolio managers, trust service providers as well as accounting and law firms, both in Switzerland and internationally.

Corporate Services

FINANTRADEX corporate administration services cover both incorporation and company management. We take care of all managerial, secretarial, administrative and accounting aspects, and ensure that the company remains legally compliant.

Our portfolio of managed companies includes trading companies, property-owning companies, management companies as well as asset-holding companies controlling bankable assets at one or more financial institutions.

Incorporation of Legal Entities
FINANTRADEX has established excellent contacts with local professionals involved in the incorporation phase of Swiss entities. These professionals include public notaries, tax and legal advisors. As a client's local representative, FINANTRADEX fulfils a coordinating and processing role, ensuring that all aspects of the initial phase of the lifecycle of the company are carefully observed.

FINANTRADEX is further providing Swiss resident nominee directors, appointing statutory auditors and arranging domicile for the Swiss company.

In addition, FINANTRADEX can manage and coordinate the organization of complex corporate structures such as trusts and foundations in multiple jurisdictions including classic offshore location such as Liechtenstein, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Gibraltar, Hong Kong as well as assist in the incorporation of offshore entities in jurisdictions such as USA (State of Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming) or United Kingdom.

Corporate Administration
Related to maintaining clients' good standing in accordance with local requirements, these services include the organization and recording of Board and Shareholders' Meetings, as well as the reporting and filing of passed resolution to the respective authorities.

FINANTRADEX will take on relevant administrative functions on behalf of the client such as mail handling and mail forwarding, phone & fax answering, opening and operating of bank accounts, paying invoices, installments, reimbursement and interest payments, reviewing and preparation of corporate legal documents, as well as liaison with the client's local advisors for tax, legal and accounting matters.

Corporate Accounting
FINANTRADEX provides statutory accounting services to its clients. These services include the maintenance of the client's books and records in accordance with local legislation and directives, and the preparation and filing of all required reports and specifications including annual tax returns.

Company Management
Many clients move the active management of part or all of their business affairs abroad and as a result, require more than the simple provision of a registered office and a local representative. They need to keep pace with more complex and comprehensive operational support, all with limited resources.

As a Managing Director, FINANTRADEX personally becomes (co)responsible for the day-to-day management of the local company to ensure the company's good standing in accordance with local requirements.

Fiduciary Services

FINANTRADEX, as a financial intermediary takes over fiduciary functions for the client's account but in its own name to maintain full client confidentiality assuring the highest level of protection and security.

As a result of being headquartered in Geneva, the heart of private banking in Switzerland, FINANTRADEX maintains excellent relations with private banks and independent assets managers. Clients will be introduced by FINANTRADEX to the world of Swiss private banking.

Nominee Services
For reasons of client confidentiality and privacy, FINANTRADEX may act as a nominee for the incorporation of legal entities.

Further FINANTRADEX may act as a custodian to hold in safekeeping assets such as equities and bonds, arrange settlement of any purchases and sales and collect income from such assets.

Other nominee services include the holding title to real estate whether being residential or commercial.

FINANTRADEX would therefore provide relevant nominee services such as nominee directors, nominee secretaries or nominee shareholders.

Asset Management
In cooperation with independent asset managers and private bankers in Switzerland, FINANTRADEX may provide financial services such as portfolio management as well as financial advisory.

Counselling and implementation of investment strategies according to client expectations are an integral part of these financial services FINANTRADEX has partnered with renowned Swiss banks and independent Swiss asset managers covering all aspects of private banking.


Switzerland has a long tradition in the respect and the protection of personal data. Such protection is an integral part of the Swiss conception of privacy.

The safeguarding of client confidentiality is rooted in the world of Swiss banking and fiduciary services.

Fiduciary Duties
FINANTRADEX, as a Swiss fiduciary company is legally bounded to comply with the Swiss Federal Act for Data Protection as well as to abide to the professional code of conduct.

FINANTRADEX grants its clients its highest commitment in this respect, and such on the following three levels:


Legal Obligations

FINANTRADEX commits to be fully compliant with the Swiss Federal Act of Data Protection which sets out the legal frame on how confidential nonpublic personal data has to be protected.

Contractual Duties
Every agreement or contract FINANTRADEX enters into implies duties and obligations which FINANTRADEX shall fulfill at its highest level of professionalism.

Professional Secrecy
is bounded by its professional secrecy as a Swiss Fiduciary to protect client's confidentiality at its highest level.

Banking Secrecy
Among the various aspects of Swiss banking, one of the best known abroad is probably the Swiss banking secrecy.

Swiss banking secrecy is the banker's professional obligation to keep the details of a client's financial and personal affairs' including the very existence of the relationship with the client' strictly private.

The legal system can waive the confidentiality rules in case of criminal offences. Outside of these cases, Swiss bank clients enjoy limitless protection and the knowledge that their manager will always maintain absolute discretion. In this domain, personal and professional ethics lie deeper than laws.


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