Your requirements induce our involvement
Assistance & Contact

Counsel Advice

§         for small and medium companies

§         for independants

§        for european citizens aiming to benefit of all legal advantages from Bilateral Agreements between European Union and Switzerland

If creating or modifying your corporate in Switzerland, we can do for you the following :

·        Juridical advisory for the most appropriate structure to conduct your business : S.A., Sàrl, Snc, etc.

·        Juridical advantages and risks in every opportunity

·        Taxes advantages and risks in every opportunity


·        Domiciliation of your corporate in our offices

·        Manager Nominee for your corporate to protect your privacy

·        All official administrative registration on your behalf

·        Facilitation in case of resident installation in the country

·        Providing appropriate solutions regarding accounting, juridical, communication, etc. requirements

We may as well facilitate the way for you with administration in case, for insistance, of patent deposit in Geneva International Organizations.

Import - export

·         Marketing researches

·         Providers of goods researches

·        Negotiation of trade terms and conditions on your behalf (agrements writing, offers of prices writing, accordance on deliveries, schedules, etc.)

·         Letter of Credit opening with Banks

·         Follow-up of trade DL/C

·         Trade operations Accounting Management

                  Your requirements…

…induce our involvement.